Dan La Due

Dive Log – March 2020 Edition

Dive log: March 2020 Location: Beaver Lake, AR. Campsites and swim area were still closed. We set up where we do the New Year’s Day dive. Well almost. The water level was up so that site was under about a foot of water. Chris Parrish, David Hurley, and Richard Crouch joined me. #stilldivingeverymonth

Almost Valentine’s Day… Cozumel Trip… Day 5

Its Valentine’s Day. Time to celebrate with one of Dean Martins’s favorite songs,  slightly modified for this dive trip. See the valve with the black shiny thing, that’s an O-ring (O-ring) Put your Reg on the tank and make sure it’s all tight, save an O-ring (O-ring) You can swim you can glide but you’d …

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Dive Log – Dan La Due

November dive, 197 months in a row Location: Mermet Springs, IL Date: Nov 7,  2019 Time: 11:02 am Conditions: 38 deg. Overcast, rain, wind at 20mph Equipment: Steel 120 (Grady’s), G2 dove computer (Grady’s), Galileo Sol (Grady’s), Galileo HUD computer (mine, yes I do have my own equipment), 5 mil wetsuit, hooded vest, 7 mil boots, …

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