local diving opportunities

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Here is a list of local diving opportunities presented by the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, and even Texas.

Beaver lake, ar

A local favorite for beginner divers with a small amount of boat traffic compared to other lakes and usually great visability! Beaver lake is apart of the white river and followed by Table Rock lake, Bull Shoals lake, and norfork lake.

table rock lake, mo

Another local favorite for divers who want to do more than just diving. This lake is near Branson, MO that brings other entertainment opportunities. Table rock is also apart of the white river with Beaver lake ahead, followed by Bull Shoals lake, then Norfork lake.

Bull Shoals Lake, AR

With great visability, this lake is the prime spot for fisherman and divers wanting to escape the crowds. Low levels of boat traffic and tons of fish! This lake is also apart of the huge white river. With Beaver and Table Rock lake ahead, and followed by Norfork Lake.

Mermet Springs, IL

An amazing park for divers wanting to advance their underwater experience. The cove is filled with large spoonbill, sunkin' boats, planes, train cars and more; this place is great fun! Our shop has established a great relationship with their team because they treat our customers amazing.

The Scuba Ranch, TX

This park is another amazing place for divers wanting to further their underwater experience. With spring-fed waters, the park has great visibility and prime attractions.

Tenkiller lake, OK

A local diving opportunity for divers wanting a more intriguing underwater terrain. When this lake was filled, it left behind Native American artifacts including pottery, arrowheads, and farm equipment.

bonne terre mine, TX

This unique adventure, can be your "Dive to the Center of the Earth". Water conditions remain constant with over 100 foot visibility, Sights include: mammoth architecture, guaranteed year round diving conditions. Cal falls, oar carts, scaffolding, grating, staircases, pillars, slurry pipes, the famed elevator shaft, and much more.

Norfork lake, ar

Norfork Lake is another great local opportunity in which is apart of the White River (same as Beaver, Tablerock, and Bull Shoals. It has more than 550 miles of shoreline and covers some 22,000 acres. There are 19 developed U.S. Army Corps of Engineers parks that provide plenty of opportunities for camping and for water sports.

Why venture out into different diving opportunities

What to do before

the white river

There are six lakes that are made up from the massive White River. These lakes include: Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, Norfork Lake, Greers Ferry Lake, and Clearwater Lake. The U.S. Congress approved the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to build and operate these lakes starting in 1938. These lakes were created slowly and were built to control flooding and food loss. This was known as the Flood Control Act of 1938. Bull Shoals Dam was completed in 1951 being the 5th largest dam in the USA. Table Rock Dam was next and completed in 1958. The last to be constructed was Beaver Lake Dam in 1966 and was the most cost effective large-dam on the White River only costing 46 million compared to Bull Shoals – 86 million and Table Rock at 65 million. 

For the next time you go out and dive one of these lakes, remember the history in which is behind it.