About us

established in 1997

In 1989 Grady Weston became Scuba certified after buying an Open Water certificate with his brother from a local auction. A year later his wife, Deb, and eldest son, Justin, became certified. His youngest son, Jared, became certified in 1994 rounding out the Weston family of certified Scuba divers.

In the late ’90s, after several years of diving, the Westons were looking to offer advanced diving training in the Joplin area for the first time. In 1997, Justin decided to become an instructor for SSI, followed by Deb as an Assistant Instructor in 1998. In an 8×10 office, Extreme Sports Scuba came to life. In 2000, Justin switched to SDI as an open-water Scuba Instructor, followed by Grady in 2001 and Deb in 2004.

While in the 8×10 store, a SCUBAPRO rep came by and sold them on the SCUBAPRO line of diving equipment. With much success, they were informed they needed to find a larger location; in May of 2003, Extreme Sports Scuba moved to its current location at 5203 S. Range Line Road.

Extreme Sports Inc, prides itself on safe, certified Scuba divers through SDI/TDI/ERDI. Please come by and talk to us so we can get you set up with the classes that best fit your needs.


We look forward to helping you pursue your passion for exploration.

- the Weston Family & friends

Teaching and exploring since 1997

our Mission

We are passionate about what we do and we love to fulfill people’s lives who seek to adventure just like us. Seeing our customers smile when they first hop into crystal clear waters for the first time is the best feeling.

our Vision

Safety is our biggest priority in SCUBA diving. Our customers are family to us, and we want to share our exciting hobby in the safest way possible. We choose to spend extra time going in depth when discussing safety procedures.


our development

why scuba?

The instructors here at Extreme Sports agree that their reason for starting SCUBA diving is to explore the underwater world in which a small amount of people are able to experience. We were all curious at one time of what it was like to breathe underwater. Movies & TV shows have portrayed diving in many different ways and we’re here to tell you to forget about that and TRY IT! 

why SDI?

Scuba Diving International (SDI) is the SCUBA training agency of our choice. Their form of training is the most advanced style of teaching all forms of SCUBA education. SDI teaches with the use of a dive computer and all students must use one. This is a very conservative and safe way of SCUBA diving. Instructor Doug says he appreciates SDI’s transparency throughout the dive industry and there way of staying up-to-date on training methods.  


The only reason we hopped into the SCUBA diving business was our love of the sport. At the start of Extreme Sports, we relied on the small business to supply our hobby. Now its much more than that; we use the expansion of Extreme to share the knowledge and love of the underwater world. We are truly passionate about what we do and we hope to make everyone’s underwater dreams come true.


Founded in 1963, Scubapro remains the industry’s gold standard for innovation, performance, reliability and durability. The company’s products blend advanced technologies with intuitive, sophisticated designs, allowing divers to focus on their dive experience, not their gear. Their portfolio features industry-leading regulators, computers, BCD’s, masks, fins, snorkels, bags, and divewear. Scubapro hold the highest standard for customer support and warranties.


Founded off the design of a patented weight belt in 2002, XS Scuba is located in Santa Ana, CA. XS Scuba and remains to be the largest supplier of SCUBA cylinders in the world. Helping our customers receive the satisfaction of our “customer to business honesty” is our most important value. XS Scuba helps us complete this by offering fair pricing and fantastic warranties. Seapearls, an XS Scuba brand is our supplier of weights.


Shearwater places great value in the work being done by the scientific community relating to diving and decompression theory.  It is common to find Shearwater representatives attending scientific symposiums and conferences around the world.  Shearwater is full of divers that are contently engineering the best dive computers on the market. Their computers provide the Buhlmann with Gradient Factors and VPM-B, the most common decompression models used by tech divers.