Cozumel Trip… something is missing

For those of you living under a rock, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54.

Anyway, It’s time for Cozumel dive trips now!

We got to Cozumel on Friday, took a lazy day on Saturday. On Sunday we headed out to dive Caves then off to Tormentos for our second dive of the day.

On our first day, we say 2 Eagle Rays, and yes, Deb Weston was happy, 2 octopuses (octopi?), 2 Splendid Toad Fish, a tiny Pipe Seahorse, and so much more. Overall just a wonderful day of diving. 

Yet something was missing. For those of you that have made this trip, you know what is missing.

Deb’s love of her life, my best friend, the guy that talked Jan Goldsworthy into diving, the guy that helped certify most of the divers going on these trips, Grady Weston.

At our first breakfast this trip, we looked towards the dock, and something was missing. We all looked to his spot. He wasn’t there, sitting on the concrete base with his proverbial cup of coffee in his hand. We were all saddened, but then we started telling stories and laughing. Our friend, our dive buddy, our instructor, has left us with so many wonderful stories. He was at times our source of entertainment. He was our source of knowledge, the go-to guy. Grady was the one we all looked to.

After our first dive was done and all of our divers were on the boat, we looked back to ladder waiting for Grady, the last diver out of the water.

Grady is still our FAMILY.  Deb misses him, we all miss him.  He is here with us, he is still causing trouble.  Ask Juan, he may never bang on his tank again.

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