Almost Valentine’s Day… Cozumel Trip… Day 5

Its Valentine’s Day. Time to celebrate with one of Dean Martins’s favorite songs,  slightly modified for this dive trip.

See the valve with the black shiny thing, that’s an O-ring (O-ring)

Put your Reg on the tank and make sure it’s all tight, save an O-ring (O-ring)

You can swim you can glide but you’d rather dive on the coral (coral)

If you dive stay alive listen to me, please check your O-ring (O-ring)

Open your valve listen for air, check for air leaks (air leaks)

Start your day with a tank full of air, and you’ll go diving (diving)

Down below you will breathe the air from your tank with an O-ring (O-ring)

With the air in your tank and a reg on there right you will love your O-ring (O-ring)

With your gear all in place you can dive to the depths with an O-ring (O-ring)

Because you have checked you won’t shorten your dive, from an O-ring (O-ring)

Happy Valentines Day to all, especially my wife who stayed home while I went diving.

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