No Fumar, Dive Boat Courtesy… Cozumel Trip… Day 4

Another day of diving in the books.  Today we dove Horseshoe and Cedar Pass.

As usual, our group is on the boat at 5 minutes until 8:00 AM ready for our 8 o’clock departure.  We hang around a couple of more minutes to see if anyone else is coming. If you are on our dive boat 8 o’clock means be on the boat by 5 til 8.   We head back to the pier at the dive shop to pick up more divers, they load up and away we go, only to turn around a few hundred yards into our trip to pick up 1 last, late diver.  She gets on board and we are heading to Horseshoe for dive #1 of the day.

Great swim throughs at Horseshoe, a bit of current, few turtles, and 1 turtle that came down from the surface straight at me.  Really cool video and pics, if I would have had my camera. But lucky our friend Doug Lord has the video.

We saw a couple Lion Fish, a good-sized Grouper, teeny tiny juvenile drum, and the usual assortment of Cozumelian fish.

Cedar Pass was another dive at “The Indianapolis Speedway.”  Not a fast as yesterday but still a solidly brisk pace. Our good buddy Doug has some short videos showing how fast we were going.  This dive we saw a few turtles and the biggest Loggerhead Turtle I have ever seen.  This guy was what we would call in the Midwest, grain-fed.

We saw a couple more turtles and sharks and 3 green moray eels.  One of the morays looked to be as big around as me, it doesn’t look like he skipped too many meals.

Now on to boat courtesy.

Be ready to board your dive boat before it gets there, time wasted for you to get ready gives the other dive boats a chance to drop divers before we get there and crowd up the dive site a bit.

Our biggest pet peeve is people smoking on a dive boat.  They head to the back of the dive boat to light up thinking they are being polite. Unfortunately, much of the smoke gets pulled back towards the front of the boat where the non-smokers get the deal with the smoke.  And please if you smoke, leave your cigars onshore, they don’t smell nearly as good as you think. Smoker rant complete.

Next please store your dive gear under your seat and not just piled handily in the middle of the floor.  It might be easier for you to get to your gear, but it becomes a hazard on a moving boat when divers and crew members are moving around.  Don’t get mad at me if I step on your mask laying in the middle of the deck. It didn’t happen this time, but it was close.  Please keep the boat deck clear for people to move around.

Let’s see, Siesta time or pastry shop, siesta or pastries. The decisions we have to make.

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