Waking up in Paradise… Cozumel Trip… Day 3

As divers and visitors to Mexico, we like to respect and observe the local customs. The siesta is one of the easiest customs to respect.

Waking up twice a day, that’s the way it works for some of in Paradise.  Whether a siesta in a hammock on the beach, or in a lounge chair by the pool, or in the cool comfort of your bed back in your room.

Your dive day in Cozumel starts by waking up maybe around 6ish in the morning. This initial wake up may not always be a full-blown wide awake. You gather your dive gear and trudge down to breakfast for your first meal of the day. Next, we take out gear down to the dock to await the dive boat. 

At 5 minutes till 8, the boat is here and we load up. Relaxing during the trip to our dive site, we may not have reached full consciousness. Finally, we gear up and don our wet suits. We then march to the stern of the dive boat whereupon completing our successful Giant Stride Entry we become fully awake and aware of our surroundings as we hit the refreshingly cool and crisp saltwater. We are awake and ready for the first dive of the day.

After two dives we head back to the hotel for lunch and some talking about everything we saw on the dives. Maybe a trip to Mega or to downtown is needed, but sooner or later you are going to get horizontal and then “accidentally” you begin your siesta.

Time to wake up, clean up, and get ready for dinner.

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