Dive Log – April 2020 Edition


Social distancing has become the norm. Dining out is only a memory. But scuba diving is a great way to social distance because only a small percentage of people dive. Even fewer dive in cooler weather. That equals perfect Social Distancing.

Today’s dive.

  • Air temp started at 54 degrees F and 62 degrees F when we surfaced after diving.
  • Visibility was 20+ feet.
  • Water temp a cool 56 degrees F.
  • Location: Indian Creek Campground Beaver Lake.

The Sun is out, the skies are blue with threads of white clouds.

Chris Parish and Richard Crouch joined me for this beautiful dive day.

After gearing up we headed to the water. Our dive plan was to work on Richard’s navigation skills.  We entered the water on the campground side of the cove.

Dive Plan: We were headed to the boats in the swim area. After a quick tutorial for Richard on how to use the compass on the Luna dive computer, we headed across the way. We made it to the opposite side of the cove. We missed the boats, but we crossed the cove and ended up near the swim beach. After a bit more instruction we started our second dive and headed back across the cove.

Again we missed our destination. I took over navigating and we headed back to our starting point. Surfaced right where we started from.

Notes on Navigation:

  • Navigation is something to have to practice to get it figured out. Then practice practice practice.

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