Dive Log – March 2020 Edition

Dive log: March 2020

Location: Beaver Lake, AR.

Campsites and swim area were still closed. We set up where we do the New Year’s Day dive. Well almost. The water level was up so that site was under about a foot of water. Chris Parrish, David Hurley, and Richard Crouch joined me.


Today I was going to let David lead the dive and have him buddy up with Richard. Chris and I were going to follow and make sure they stayed in the same lake we started in. We discussed the dive plan, how deep were we going, how long would the dive be, and which way we heading.

Air temp about 50 and overcast. Time gear up and dive in, literally. Oooooo the water is not warm. That 49-degree water could easily be felt sneaking up our wetsuits.

We took off heading to 20 ft and hanging a right to go towards the ramp. We teach 20 ft and turn towards the ramp with David and Richard plowing the way. I am pretty sure they were pulling a 4 bottom plow, Chris and I had no problem knowing where they were. After the turn, they headed to deeper water. We found about 49 ft depth and ended up with a nice 23 minute dive.

It could have been a couple of minutes longer, but David brought us back a little bit short of our starting point, but less than a 100 ft away. Not bad knowing that was the first dive he was leading.

Good job David and Richard, you did well. Away from the plow, the vis was about 15 ft. It could have been 20 or more with some sunshine. But overall a good day of diving with some friends.

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