A Junior Diver’s Perspective

Tori at Beaver Lake

Hello, my name is Tori Willoughby. My mother is the writer of the scuba blog. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my time and experience as a diver.

Why I got Certified

Let’s start with why I got certified. I got certified when I was 11 years old. I wanted to get certified because when my parents got certified we started hanging around with some pretty cool people. Watching all of them and watching my parents made this seem like something I would really be interested in doing.

At first I was a little bit scared but eventually, someone gave me some…encouragement. When I say encouragement I really mean he yelled at me because I was being ridiculous. Looking back now I’m really glad they believed in me. My family and I have grown very close to some of these people and my life would not be the same without them in it.

Places I’d like to dive in the future

Some places I might like to see sometime in the future are Cozumel, Roatan, and possibly Cape Kri. I hadn’t heard of Cape Kri until recently, but upon further research, I think it would be a beautiful place to visit. However, I know multiple people who have visited Cozumel and Roatan and I have heard nothing but good things. Personally, I have never been to any of these places but I have done some research and these both seem like beautiful places to go and just of the research I have done I can safely say that I would recommend either of these places to anyone looking for a beautiful place to go for a nice dive.

Additional dive gear

Some pieces I would like to add to my collection would be maybe possibly a newer dive computer and maybe a couple pairs of socks but honestly, I am very happy with the dive equipment I have. The newest piece I own is the Hydros BC. I am very happy with this BC. It comes in a few different colors but I personally chose to stay with the original white and I am very happy with my choice. My mom got the purple and that is also a beautiful color choice. I would recommend this piece of gear to anyone looking for a comfortable and reliable BC.

Additional Certifications

Some additional certifications I would like to get are my Nitrox. I currently have my open water and limited visibility/night diving certifications. I would also sometime in the very far away future possibly get my rescue and recovery certifications.

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