The T-Shirt Quilt

Earlier this year we decided to do something fun. If you happened to be at the meeting last week, Deb mentioned what we’re doing. But for the rest of us, I want to explain.

First off, the title of the post gives you an idea, we’re making a T-shirt Quilt.

Back in 2018, our friend Harriett Miller made Grady a t-shirt quilt out of old dive t-shirts (see above). Jump forward to January of this year and Deb and I got to talking. I mentioned that we should make a t-shirt quilt this year. We’ll have a shirt at every dive club plus each event. We would like all of our divers and friends to sign the shirts. Then Harriett is going to help me (the blogger for those of you who don’t know) make a t-shirt quilt.

So who gets the quilt in the end?

In September we are going to start selling chances to win this quilt. The money will be donated to Newton County Christmas for Kids. An organization that is near and dear to most of our hearts.

More information will be provided on the raffle closer to September, but I can tell you that the drawing will be held at the December Extreme Dive Club meeting. Now you might be saying, wait, what about the December t-shirt. Glad you asked. The plan is, we’ll do the drawing. Whoever wins will be notified. Then Harriett and I will finish the quilt, including the December t-shirt, and get it to the winner once it has been quilted.

This is where you come in. When you are at a meeting or an event, please make sure to sign the shirt if it is present.

The Quilt

You can see Grady’s t-shirt quilt at the top of this post. At this point, we’re not totally sure what the end product will look like. As Harriett and I hash out the details, I’ll try to bring the shirt/quilt to the meetings to show.

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