Social Distancing and SCUBA Diving

This is a newer phrase that has been introduced into our vocabulary. It seems like in a matter of weeks we went from life is normal to the new normal. The new normal, whatever that is. It’s been an interesting ride up to this point and will continue to be with the unknown. Wow, Elsa said it right, “Into the Unknown….” Who would have thought she would be able to predict the future?

I’m not going to bore you with much Coronavirus talk because, seriously if you wanted that, just go to Facebook. It is everywhere. Every perspective you could imagine and wish for.

But here’s a thought… I seriously don’t believe that the virus will last underwater. Underwater? How do you breathe underwater? Well, if you are Harry Potter, you take Gillyweed.

If you’ve never read Harry Potter you may be lost. In the 4th book of the series, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter has to complete three tasks in a “triwizard tournament.” One of those is to go to the bottom of the lake. They all (4 of them) had to find ways to breathe underwater.

Now here is where I point out they talked about Aqualung. Being a certified SCUBA Diver, I went to the Scuba diving brand. He mentioned he could try a summoning’s charm and summon it but wouldn’t get it there in time for him to be able to use it in the 1-hour allotment time he had. I seriously think they were referring to the Scuba diving brand. You know, like we use SCUBAPRO here at Extreme Sports Scuba.

Anyway, Harry went with gillyweed to allow him to breathe underwater. So, what is gillyweed? Gillyweed is a magical plant that, when eaten, allows a human to breathe underwater. It is said to resemble a bundle of slimy, grey-green rat tails. Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

I seriously think I’ll stick to my Steel 120 and my SCUBAPRO Hydros with a SCUBAPRO MK25/S620TI. Sounds much appealing than a slimy, grey-green rat tail looking thing. Just saying.

Hotel Cozumel has been “bragging” (we’ll use that word loosely) that they are healthy and basically get your butt down there. When polling all of our divers, their favorite place to dive is Hotel Cozumel. There might be some kind of correlation there? Just a thought. So, at that, I’ll leave you with photos from our recent trip to Hotel Cozumel and SCUBA Diving with Cozumel Marine World.

Don’t worry, we will have a full recap coming to a blog post near you, soon! Stay safe friends.


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