Memorial Weekend 2016

Be warned, this is a picture heavy post. We’re going to recap Memorial Weekend in one post. So grab a beverage of your choice, a nice sitting place, and let’s get started!

For some of our group, Memorial Weekend started Thursday night while for others it started Friday night. As Grady has pointed out, we have enough people that camp together and own campers that we’re starting to fill up the campground. Speaking of the campground, I heard rumor that during the off season they’re going to do some revamping. I guess we’ll see come next year, right?

This year the water levels were about right. They weren’t extremely high but they weren’t low either.

Hey it seems like every post we need something kind of like this, right? Sorry Dan Hayworth, do you at least feel the love that you were chosen?

Friday afternoon we took Chris and Anissa‘s boat out for a spin to Lost Bridge Marina for all the kiddos to feed the fish.

By the time we got back, it was time for dinner. Hey like I always say, if there’s food, they will come. Friday night’s meal was Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and Tomato Soup with all the sides every one brought.

And that’s kind of what Friday night brought.

Saturday morning meant it was time to bring new divers into the diving family. Breakfast was around 7am and by 8am most of our group had headed down to the dive site. We had a little bit of commotion, but all turned out good, so that’s what needs to be known about that!

When I got down to the dive site, Grady had already started doing a briefing session for the new Open Water Students as well as the Refresher students.

Lee and Mark were helping out with the refresher students, while Doug, Dan, Deb, and Grady were working with the new open water students.

They had to use Tori‘s regulator, so while she wasn’t able to dive, she and I went out on the Kayak’s. Let’s just say, we had my underwater camera with us and she went to pass it back to me but instead she dropped it in the cove. It was funny because everyone thought that it was my big camera, but luckily it wasn’t, otherwise I’d have probably dove off the kayak after it! Anyway I want to personally thank Kim, Mark, Doug, and anyone else who went out looking for it. Toward afternoon I caught Dan when he was done with students and he, Deb, and I went out in search of my camera. We found it in 6 minutes. Thank you so much! We found it at 54 feet in 57˚F water. Brrrrr! So on our way back up, at our 15 foot safety stop we built fish houses.

Then when we got back to the surface, Deb, and I put our gear away and went back to camp to work on dinner with Mark and Marlin, while Grady and Dan stayed down at the site to do a few more open water classes. This year’s big meal consisted of smoked chicken and potatoes and onions along with all the other sides everyone brought.

Once the food was prepped, it was time to hang out. We even had some serinading going on.

Dinner was supposed to be ready at 6:30 and we weren’t too far off on our guesstimate. 

Kiran decorated for a surprise birthday party for Kaitlyn and for Deb as well.

And then it was time for bed… or pretty darn close at least!

Sunday morning we were back up and at it. And there was a beautiful fog up and over the lake!

Chris, Grady, and Mark made eggs and sausage for Breakfast burritos for breakfast. (imagine that, breakfast burritos for breakfast… LOL)

It should be mentioned that they must have moved sand in for the swim area like they did last memorial day… But they left their trailer/tractor sitting there in the parking spots we normally park in. It It took up quite a few spots too… bummer.

Sunday was much like Saturday with Grady giving the brief on what the open water students should expect. 

And we had the kayak’s back out. Hey guess what, the camera didn’t spend any time in the water this time around . Sisco even got a ride on the kayak on Sunday.

There was a lot of comotion that arose Sunday afternoon, but we’ll leave it at if you were there you know. If you weren’t, ask someone that was.

Sunday we had Hobo dinners also known as foil packs, also know as left overs. We did add zucchini and squash to the mix.

Sunday afternoon was a day for napping. Yes, Priscilla Sweet, I caught you .

He got “stoned” hahahaha. or “Rocked”… This just goes to show you, don’t snooze around us… we may just pick on you .

I guess next time we should be nicer to the guy who is cooking for us… just a thought.

After dinner was over, we took a few of the kiddos up to the playground area.

Earlier in the week we heard that the weather was supposed to be like last year, soaking wet. We had beautiful weather. There was a storm that blew around us Sunday evening, but you couldn’t have asked for better weather!

2 years ago we attended the NEBCO Fire EMS fundraiser breakfast. We decided this year we were going to try again.

Monday morning this was our view again. Gorgeous!

We met up at our campground site around 7:30 and headed into town for breakfast.

2 years ago we brought 24 people. This year we topped that with 32 people just from our group. Woohooo! Let’s do it even better next time!!

While we were there the kids got to crawl around all of the Life Flight Helicopters.

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