Extreme 366 – Week 23

Have you noticed lately that the blog has been exploding with posts?

I guess that’s what you get when the blogger isn’t busy writing papers about Alexander Pope’s The Rape of the Lock and other stuff like that (I spent 3 semesters on that paper). I did once upon a time write a 20+ page paper on SCUBA diving for a class. Would you like to read it? Or I put together a presentation on Mining in Southeast Kansas if that more suits your fancy (probably not although it’s really cool!). Or ask Dan La Due about the papers I wrote the first semester I was in college. He helped me edit a few of those papers… He has stories about my Grad School experience too. Grad School held a lot of different ideas and thoughts in molding my writing and my reading ability. But this isn’t a post on me focusing and looking back on my time at Grad School, this is a post about the last week in pictures… It’s Wednesday and that means Donut Day…. oh wait I mean that means Project 366! So here are this weeks photos!!

153 – 6.1.2016 – Photo shoots for upcoming blog posts! In the book, check!

154 – 6.2.2016 – June Extreme Dive Club Meeting


155 – 6.3.2016 – How to get stuff off the side of the deep end of your pool… use a SCUBA diver!

156 – 6.4.2016 – Happy 18th Birthday Shaye!

157 – 6.5.2016 – Do these glasses make my eyes look bigger?

158 – 6.6.2016 – The June Product of the Month, SCUBAPRO Reel! Check out this post for all the details, and share this facebook post!

159 – 6.7.2016 – Finally getting to the Memorial Weekend Recap.

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