10 Great Father’s Day Gifts for the SCUBA dad

Can you believe we’re already in June? Where has the time gone? Do you know what big holiday is in June? Father’s Day. This year Father’s Day falls on June 19, 2016. If your father is anything like my father, sometimes he’s difficult to shop for. I wanted to help you out by giving you the Ultimate Father’s Day gifts for the SCUBA Dad nearest you. So here are 10 items that the father in your life might like. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, make sure to put them in the comments. Let’s all help each other out this Father’s Day!

10 Great Father’s Day Presents for the SCUBA Dad

1. SCUBAPRO Passport Holder –

If your father happens to be going on one of the upcoming dive trips, this is the item he needs. It is a billfold style passport holder that will hold his passport, ID, and certification cards all in one spot. It is water resistent and made of durable tarpaulin construction.

2. A New Dive Hood and Socks –

Definitely don’t knock them until you try them. The socks make getting a wet suit and dive boots a breeze to put on, especially if the wetsuit is already wet. The dive hood helps make it so your father stands out and you can pick him out in a group of divers, especially a group of divers who are all outfitted alike.

3. A SCUBA Slate –

Who doesn’t want to be able to talk to their dad underwater? With this SCUBAPRO Slate with pencil now you have the ability. There are 3 layers with predefined sayings such as Go to surface, Which way?, How much air?, Follow me, Watch me, Look at this, but also there is a pencil and places to jot down your own words of wisdom to your father or better yet a place for him to place his words of wisdom to you.

4. 16 gig SCUBAPRO Regulator Jump Drive –

Some people call it a jump drive, some people call it a thumb drive, some people call it a thing-a-ma-jig. In the end, it’s kind of all the same thing. Why not get your father this 16 gig jump drive that is in the form of a SCUBAPRO regulator. That way while he is at the office, he can be reminded that he goes to work so he can dive on the weekends, or something fun like that.

5. Nova 700 or Nova 720 Underwater Flashlight –

Help make your father the envy of all of his friends. This lightweight underwater LED 700 or 720 lumens light will help make your father the envy of all of his friends. It has a double o-ring to help keep water out as well as overpressure relief valve. It is made of corrosion resistant aluminum so it should last him for a while. And it’s BRIGHT! That’s what you want in a flashlight, the ability to light up dark places to see.

6. XS SCUBA Mini Fogcutter Dive Knife –

This is the knife of all knives. Well maybe or maybe not, but it has a 3″ blade and an overall length of 6″. This 420 stainless steel construction has a chromatic treatment for rust-resistance and patented “scissors” built into the blade for the ability to get yourself untangled from many different obstacles (that you hope to never be in!). It also has a serrated edge and a line cutter. Now you know your dad will be safe while he is out diving the “unknown” or else diving dives he’s dove before. Either way, he’ll be safe and that’s what we want!


And it just so happens that this Reel is the item of the month for June 2016 so you can come in and get 10% off (or 15% if you shared the Facebook post!)!! Bonus!! This is a highly versatile accessory for search and navigation dives. It contains 75m length of 2mm polyester line which is roughly equivalent to 246 feet of line on one swivel hook for immediate use. It is easy to replace should something happen to the line, but it also has a friction adjuster that helps that free reeling problem we’ve seen on so many diver trips. And with that 10% off, you can get dad something else fun!! . See this post for ideas!!

8. XS SCUBA Star Tool –

It looks like a throwing star or something, but it is a really handy tool! It is a great tool to have to remove/replace most common hoses while having a thin, low-profile design, roughly 3.85″ in width by .5″ thick. This tool is stainless steel with a Silicone over-mold handle. It is a perfect item/tool for your dad to have in his save a dive kit and trust me, you always want to save that dive!

9. SCUBAPRO City Bag –

This is a multi use bag. It can be used as a laptop/every day bag or is a great bag to carry your regulator in, or better yet… both. There are four compartments. One toward your back to hold about a 15″ laptop, a larger one for books or a regulator, one for business cards, credit cards, diving cards, money, pens, jump drives, etc. And a top smaller pouch for all your miscellaneous smaller objects. There are 2 mesh pouches on the side great for water bottles. See you can’t go wrong getting your dad the carry all item, this City Bag backpack.

10. Torid Pulse –

This is the Mac Daddy of gifts.Your father will have so much fun hooking this up and blowing bubbles at people. Trust me, I’ve seen the guys playing with the one at the shop. It can be used as a unique signaling device or just to blow bubbles at your friends. This can be used to play paintball style games as well as signaling to a boat or a diver within 15 foot range. Like I said, this is the Macdaddy of gifts. Is Mac Daddy even a word these days or am I old school? Just asking. But back to the bubble machine you can adjust for fine and fast bubbles or low and slow bubbles. Whatever his heart desires and it’s just plain fun!

So what other items do you think should be on the SCUBA dad’s Father’s Day wish list?

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