Just going with flow… Cozumel Trip

Or as we call in the SCUBA diving world,  drift diving.
If you have ever been to diving in Cozumel you’ve probably been drift diving. A very simple description would be, you jump into the ocean and the boat follows you and then picks you up when you are done.  Sometimes you just slowly move along kicking just a bit to get around. Other times you just fly.
Yesterday we were treated to unusually mild currents here in Cozumel.  We took advantage of this and dived a couple of reefs that are seldom dived due to strong currents. We hit La Franseta (misspelled) reef first. We dropped in on a pair of eagle rays that gave a couple of our divers quite show. We had just enough current to keep us moving.

The current was so light we decided to try Deliha wall. We dropped in on a turtle. One of our divers got a very up close and personal hello from the turtle as he surfaced for air. The current here was more of a flying along strength. You could swim against it, but not for long.   We spotted several turtles, a couple of huge parrotfish, and a splendid toadfish was even seen.
After over an hour of flying over the reef we had to return to the boat. And our dive day was over.

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