Just Another Manic Monday… Cozumel Trip… Day 9

Just in the middle of a dream. We were diving Santa Rosa. But we got in on Cedral Reef.
There’s my tribute to the Bangles. I hope they don’t hold it against me.
We had a pretty manic Monday here in Cozumel. Manic for a dive trip to Cozumel that is. We had the Manati loaded with about as many divers as is comfortable having aboard. Once we arrived at our first dive site we missed our reef and had to swim across the sand to get on track. Once we were over the reef we saw one of the largest spot-fin porcupine fish I’ve ever seen.

There were also lobsters aplenty. With one spot having as more than six lobsters occupying it. We also spotted a splendid toadfish. I possibly got my best picture ever of one while it was still in its den.
The second dive of the day was a nice long drift dive over Chankanaab reef.  Many lobsters spotted, a few barracudas, a couple of nice sized dog tooth groupers along with many of the other reef fish.

For the third dive of the day, we went to the wreck.

Third dive of the day?! I told you it was a manic Monday. We saw so many lobsters around the outside of the wreck. To tell the truth, I lost count, but I believe there were at least 30 and there may have been over 50. I have never seen such a number of lobsters in such a small area. I did not go into the wreck this time, but several other divers followed Mario, Clemente, and Arianna into the wreck. Outside we were treated to the submarine coming by twice and a flyby of an eagle ray.
In the end, it may be a manic Monday,  but it was also a magic Monday.

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