It’s the Little Things… Cozumel Trip

When diving in Cozumel it’s not always about eagle rays, turtles, moray eels, sharks, or even splendid toadfish. Sometimes it’s the littlest creatures. Those that we see and sometimes even photograph. Sometimes we don’t. Some of the smallest creatures can be amazing. Sometimes animals are overlooked not due to their size but due to being plentiful.

There are divers that carry magnifying glasses to find the really small stuff. There are photographers that specialize in macro photography. We don’t have to get quite that specialized, in looking for the little things. There are many overlooked animals of the reef. They are things like Christmas tree worms, feather duster worms, cleaner shrimp,  flamingo tongue, blennies, and garden eels. There are many, many more animals that are easily overlooked in the tropical waters of Cozumel.

So the next time your diving the tropical waters of Cozumel, slow down just a bit and look a bit closer at the underwater world. You may find some of the little things on the reef to brighten your dive with their beauty.

Multiple Lobsters on and under the reef in Cozumel

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