Junior Diver Interview – Drake Weston

One of the great things about SDI is they allow junior divers starting at the age of 10. Our first Junior Diver Interview is with Grady & Deb’s grandson or Justin and Michelle’s son, Drake. By the way, another little birdy informed me that TODAY is Drake’s birthday!!

When/how long have you been certified?

Since I was 10  that is 3 1/2 years.

What generation of diver are you?

third generation

Where is your favorite place to dive?

Bonaire or Mermet Springs

What is your favorite thing about diving?

To see what is under the water.

What’s your favorite pre-dive meal?


What’s your favorite post-dive meal?

Catfish or shrimp

Who is your favorite dive partner?

Papa (Grady Weston) to help spot lionfish or Memaw (Deb Weston).

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Football, I am a season ticket holder to the Kansas City Chiefs, Judo, I am a 1st-degree brown belt and making videos.

And one last question, Any funny diving stories?

Man, this is hard. Memaw can you think of any funny stories or do I need to call Kathy? I think there is something that comes from Mermet but I just can’t think of one. Then Grady stepped up to help with this story.

When I was a pre-diver I would go and get all my own stuff and put it together while Memaw and Papa were underwater. They would come up and couldn’t find me, I was off in the water, not too deep though.

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