Try it Tuesday – Nevada Boy Scout Edition

Tuesday, January 21st was a busy day for Extreme Sports Scuba. Grady & Deb participated in the business expo going on at John Q. Hammons during the day, then Aerielle Cupp relieved Grady so that he could meet Dan La Due, Doug Lord, Mark Willoughby, and Nicole Willoughby at the shop to gather up equipment and head to 5 Mile camp for a special Try it Tuesday for the Nevada Boy Scouts. Chris Parrish met us out there for extra help as well.

Grady gave the Nevada Boy Scouts a brief introduction while equipment was being set up then the boys were allowed to get in the water. Doug was the lead diver in the water with Mark and Chris as his backups.

Once all the boys were fitted for equipment they went over the basics and stayed in the shallow part of the pool to make sure no one had any questions.

Finally came time for the boys to be allowed to dive the entire length of the pool. Doug, Chris, and Mark spread themselves throughout the pool to assist the boys if there were any snags or hang-ups underwater. Grady, Dan, and Nicole divided up the pool from the surface and stayed around in case anyone had equipment problems, needed a different mask, fins, etc.

Extreme Sports Scuba hopes that the Nevada Boy Scouts had a wonderful time diving in the pool.

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