July Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2016

We hope that you and your family had an enjoyable Independence Day celebration and weekend. Then we hope that you were able to attend the July Dive club meeting. If you weren’t, boy you missed out on some excellent food, great company, and an awesome fireworks display in honor of our great country. So as most 4th of July dive club meetings, we really don’t read minutes, but if you want to verify any dates, please check out the June Minutes!

On Monday, the 4th, if you happened to be on Facebook, you’ll notice we tried to entice you to come to our meeting by posting this picture. I would like to mention now that these were not all the fireworks that we set off… Oh no, everyone brought more and we had a good 45 minute fireworks show. Thank you Extreme Sports Family! You’re awesome!

The “meeting” started around 6-6:30 where we started with food! Once everyone had a full belly, then it was time to play in the pool. We even had a few people do a “try-it”. Oh, the food you ask, because I know that’s why we all come, it’s for the food! We had smoked brisket, pulled pork, chicken, pasta salad, hashbrown casserole, this really awesome baked potato dip for chips, baked beans, garlic bread, and desserts galore! If you walked away hungry, well that’s your fault because there was a lot there for everyone’s appetite, I hope anyway!

Does anyone remember the fireworks eating goat? Well this year, we thought we were going to have a fireworks eating horse.

And that sunset. At first someone asked when they saw the picture if it was because of fireworks smoke, but No, it was just the gorgeous sunset. This is looking West standing in Deb & Grady’s driveway.

This is looking east at almost the exact same time. The amount of time it took me to turn around and snap the picture.

And now for the show. I hope if you read my post on tips on shooting Fireworks that it was helpful for you. Enjoy a recap of the show!

And like usual, only one firework went bananas. It was a GREAT night!

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