Extreme 366 – Week 28

Welcome to this Wonderfully Wonderful Wednesday. Now if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen that for a while Dan and I were talking to each other in alliterations. It was very difficult and if I was up for the challenge I might try to write this paragraph in alliterations also, but I’m not going to. By the way, if you’ve forgotten what an alliteration is, definition: the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of the adjacent or closely connected words. Remember, I always try to help you walk away with something and today it is the definition of alliteration. You’re welcome. Now let’s get on to pictures because that’s really why you are here..

188 – 7.6.2016 – Just remember, you’re never to old to step foot into a doll house for a little girl [kid]!

189 – 7.7.2016 – Great evening for dive club, food, friends, and fireworks!

190 – 7.8.2016 – Working on another fun blogpost. Hope you’ll tune in to see what we’re talking about!!

191 – 7.9.2016 – GLOC Boat Racing series on Grand Lake and Newton County Rescue & Recovery was on site.

192 – 7.10.2016 – Day 2 of the GLOC boat racing series. NCRR is back on scene.

193 – 7.11.2016 – A trip to Cayman Brac is just days away… Can you guess who is packed?

194 – 7.12.2016 – If you’re attending the Cayman Brac trip, you have 3 days to get packed….

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