Extreme 366 – Week 27

It is afternoon that I am posting this, I’m quite aware. I hope you’ll forgive the tardiness of this post. No I didn’t forget, I had to attend a funeral this morning. See, a legitimate reason I would say, right? So while I have a headache and my eyes ache from crying, I don’t think I have many words of wisdom to pass on. The funeral was for my Great Aunt who lived every day to the fullest. I heard a story of when she was in her 40’s, they were at the lake and the kids were jumping on a rope swing out into the water. She told the adults she was with (who I assume included my grandmother) that she really shouldn’t be doing that at 40 years old, but that she was going to try it anyway. So I guess the words I have to impart today is, live life to the fullest and be a yes person. Say yes to as many experiences as you can because you never know where that might lead you. I said yes to trying SCUBA diving, which lead me to getting certified, which lead me to writing this SCUBA blog, which lead to my internship here, which lead to you all reading this blog that was started in September 2013. The words of wisdom is to say Yes. Now on to Week 27’s pictures. Btw tomorrow night is Dive Club Meeting. Hope to see you there!

181 – 6.29.2016 – We are SCUBAPRO…. dealers .

182 – 6.30.2016 – After the storms we had tonight… whew!

183 – 7.1.2016 – Did you noticed the Eagle Ray behind Deb’s desk? You can thank Dan La Due for that one .

184 – 7.2.2016 – We’re proud to be American, where at least we know we’re free. And that freedom allows for us to SCUBA dive!

185 – 7.3.2016 – Think this guy ever gets tired of Scuba Diving?…. Nah!

186 – 7.4.2016 – Happy Independence Day! This is the start to our firework stash for Thursday. Hope you’ll come see us!

187 – 7.5.2016 – Who needs a Kayak and paddle to get to work this morning?

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