Extreme Photography: 5 Tips for Shooting Fireworks

Happy 4th of July Weekend friends. I hope that you have lots of fun festivities planned to celebrate the awesomeness of this country. Did I just kind of make up my own word… awesomeness? Well, either way, Happy 4th of July Weekend. Bear with me today as I share a different sort of post on our blog. I hope you enjoy, and it’s a great way to put into practice some of the photography tips that we’ve been learning these last few weeks… just above water!

Since it is 4th of July weekend, I thought I would share a few tips and tricks on how to take Fireworks Photos. Are you ready?

5 Tips for Shooting Fireworks

1. Drop your ISO down.

2.     That brings us to number 2. Drop your Shutter Speed down!

  • For action shots, you typically want your shutter speed to be set at 60 or better, but really more like 125 or higher. While Fireworks are action shots, dropping your shutter speed down allows for that lower ISO so less noise (graininess) but also it allows you to catch that firework as it goes off as well as the trailing effect as it dissipates.
  • I can’t tell you what to put your shutter speed at, this is one of those you have to take a few test shots and see what works best for the end result.

3.     Get a Tripod!

  • This time of year, Tripods are your friend! Why? Well, you’re going to drop that Shutter speed way down and if you breathe, you release your finger from the shutter release button, the wind blows just right, you’ll get camera shake. And trust me, that is so frustrating! Just when you think you got that perfect shot, you look on your screen (computer, back of the camera, phone, whatever) and BAM! It is blurry. That tripod will allow for more stabilization on the part of camera shake!

4.     A remote

  • Another helpful tip when trying to avoid camera shake is to get a remote. That remote allows you to push the shutter release (you know, that button that makes the camera take its picture) and you never touch the camera.
  • Don’t have a remote or the option for a remote? No problemo, I have another option/idea. Set your shutter release to a 2-second timer. That allows you to hit the button and move your finger off fast before the shutter actually goes off.
  • Still not an option. No biggie, just keep your finger on the shutter release until that picture is done. It might try to take a second photo, no problem, just delete the second one that has blurry movements.

5.     Have fun!

  • The main thing is you have fun with it. People will say you need a dSLR to be able to take quality fireworks pictures and I say baloney! I’ve taken them with my dSLR, my point and shoot, and even my iPhone. Just play around, have fun, and do what you think looks best! The beauty is in the eye of the beer holderI mean bee holder… no no no I mean Beholder .

Happy Fourth of July America! From your friends at Extreme Sports Scuba!

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