Extreme Sports SCUBA: Who Are We?

I want to invite you to dive with us this summer. The Weston Family owns Extreme Sports SCUBA and Kayaks. Our crew consists of Deb and Grady with two sons Justin and Jared. Then our family grew with three grandkids Shaye, Drake, and Tucker. And one great-grandchild, Kyng (at 6 months old, he does not pull his weight but keeps Deb occupied while Shaye works).

Still, this all would not be possible without many friends that share the passion for diving. Dan, Doug, and Chuck help with classes. Nicole corrects my spelling when she makes me write a blog post for her. Mark keeps equipment serviced for everyone to dive safely.

We started Extreme Sports of our love for the sport and the need for good training. We are a locally owned shop and offer a complete line of SCUBAPRO Equipment. Our training is through SDI, TDI, ERDI, and FRTI Agencies.

A Kayak line from FeelFree with all kayak accessories are in stock.

Extreme Sports offers some awesome travel destinations. As a group of divers, we invite you to dive with Extreme Sports in the future.

Dive Safe,


p.s. I forgot Pete. Many of you have been greeted by Pete, our Blue Heeler dog over the years. But he retired and is staying home.

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