Extreme Sports Scuba Try it Tuesday – May Edition

Here it is the middle of May and we’re finally starting to approach warmer weather. This month we were hoping that we could have a Try it Tuesday outside in an outdoor pool, however, if you’ve paid any attention to the weather here lately, we’ve been on a roller coaster of hot and cold so we chose to have it at 5 Mile Camp again for good measure. Turns out we made a good call since the high for the day hit around 58 degrees. Brrrr, that could have been cold in an outdoor pool.

So Tuesday night we met up at Extreme Sports Scuba and headed toward 5 Mile Camp for the May Try it Tuesday. The great part about it is if you come try it and you get hooked now, you don’t have to worry about waiting months to get certified. Nope, if you come try Scuba and enjoy it, we’re now in the warmer months and are just waiting to get you certified. This is the perfect time to come out and Try Scuba Diving!

If you or someone you know would be interested in giving Scuba Diving a try, please, by all means, call Extreme Sports Scuba and talk to us. We’d love to get you out there to try it!

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