Next Class of Junior Divers – May 2014

This month we’re excited that the next round of Junior Divers is working on their Open Water Scuba Diving Certification through Extreme Sports Scuba. It is so exciting that Scuba Diving International (SDI) allows junior divers starting at the age of 10. Friday, May 2nd, and Saturday, May 3rd Chloe Lake, Tori Willoughby, and Dylan Williams started the classroom portion of their Open Water Certification.

Dylan and Chloe are both 3rd generation Scuba Divers. Tori is a second-generation Scuba Diver.

Deb Weston went over the first few chapters of the book on Friday night.

Saturday morning we met back up at 8:30 and finished the book/test portion of the Open Water Certification.

The kids were extremely excited about going through this portion of the class. After that was finished, they were 1/3 of the way into their certification.

The Junior Divers go through the exact same certification as the adults do, the only difference is they have to dive with a parent, guardian, or a dive instructor.

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