Try it Tuesday – Neosho Project Graduation Style

Friday night May 16th Deb Weston, Rachele Lord, Jason (JT) La Due, Mark Willoughby, Lee Lake, and Danielle La Due met at Extreme Sports Scuba around 10:45 pm. Why so late you may ask? It was a night dive of sorts, but only in a swimming pool. Is your interest piqued yet?

Neosho High School Graduating class of 2014 was having their Project Graduation at the Neosho Y and Extreme Sports Scuba was invited to be there.

The group showed up around 11:45 and allowed the students to give Scuba Diving a try. There were about 45 students who took the opportunity to scuba dive in the Neosho Y Pool.

It’s been said, the best place to try out scuba diving is in a controlled environment, such as a pool. The Neosho Y pool at its deepest spot is around 8 feet, so it’s a little deeper than the normal pool that we usually “try scuba diving” in. Once students felt comfortable in the shallower end, they were released to try the whole pool, however, Rachele, Jason, Lee & Mark were all in the pool to assist the students if at any time something went wrong.

All of the seniors seemed to enjoy themselves and there were even a few who became “fish” like and didn’t want to give up the dive equipment.

Even though it was a long night and the gang didn’t get out of there and home until closer to 4 am, it was an extremely enjoyable evening sharing a sport that we all love with the graduating seniors. Thank you for allowing Extreme Sports Scuba to be a part of Project Graduation. Congratulations to the Class of 2014 Neosho seniors and we hope you had a blast trying out Scuba.

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