Extreme 366 – Week 31

Hello August. Summer is quickly approaching an end, which is extremely sad. This has been a warm summer which means warm water. We were in Deb and Grady’s pool for some try it students and the water temperature was 92˚F. How great is that? I prefer warm water over cold water. Maybe that’s just me though. Did you know that the Mermet Springs trip is quickly approaching? Make sure you get on the list to go if you’re planning on going. Contact the shop! They need to know so that we ensure that we have enough table space under the pavilions for our people. Oh and the other bit of news, tomorrow night is Dive Club. It is at Deb & Grady’s house again this month, that means bring a swim suit if you want! I really don’t have much else in the way of interesting, intriguing, information to inform the individual with… okay another alliteration just for Dan La Due since he posts them on my Facebook wall constantly . Happy First Week of August Friends!

209 – 7.27.2016 – Giving students the opportunity to Try SCUBA. Allowing us to share the job of SCUBA brings joy!

210 – 7.28.2016 – Can we say enough good things about the Hydros BC? Um… have you watched the video on Facebook?

211 – 7.29.2016 – Looks like Grady might have gotten a little carried away in his office…. haha.

212 – 7.30.2016 – A little green life in the shop.

213 – 7.31.2016 – Pete needs a good swim every now and then. Enjoying Summer!

214 – 8.1.2016 – The Dog Dayz of Summa! 🙂

215 – 8.2.2016 – Getting ready for the next class of Open Water Certified Divers!

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