August Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2016

Did you attend the August Dive Club Meeting? Well if not you missed out on great food and even better company! Here are just a few pictures to entice you to come next month, because what happens at Dive Club, Stays at Dive Club!! Except for a few pictures and a few dates, that is .

August 4 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

August 8 – CPROX Class – 6pm

August 13 – Shoal Creek Water Festival

August 20 & 21 – Mermet Springs Trip (earlier this year to miss Treasure Hunt & Before school activities begin)

September 1 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

October 6 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

October – Pumpkin carving suggestions & ideas

November 3 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

December 1 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting Christmas Party

January 1, 2017 – Annual New Year’s Day Dive

Watch for upcoming classes and events on Facebook. Also watch for Sale Specials from Facebook.

If you miss one of our monthly meetings, be sure to check out the blog post for meetings on our website. Also, if you are on Facebook, be sure to like us. We have all of the events posted on Facebook. Thanks to Nicole for her great blogs. We also are going to start doing Instagram & twitter. Be sure to like us there!!

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