Extreme 366 – Week 30

The other day when I noticed that we were on Week 29 I thought, oh cool, Week 30 will fall on the week of the 30th, but technically since we go through the middle of the week July 30th falls in Week 31’s photos. Okay okay so July 31st falls in Week 31, that’s cool and all, but July 30th is my birthday so that’s why I was so focused on the Week 30. Yup, Like how I snuck that in there? My birthday is this Saturday. I like diamonds! Oh and the new Hydros BC… just saying. Get to buying people. haha. . Deb actually got her new Hydros BC in this week. If it would have come in last week I could have just snuck it out and kept it… oh wait, no, I wouldn’t do that. Darn me and my conscious. It wouldn’t do me much good right now anyway, I can’t dive, I have an ear infection. And I know you didn’t want to know that but you have to walk away with some kind of knowledge, right? Walk away with the knowledge that my birthday is Saturday and I think I’ll be 33… this year it is hitting me hard although like I tell people, I’d rather have birthday’s because that means I’m on this side of the ground. I saw an article on Facebook yesterday that was talking about if people evolved to survive car accidents and gave a picture. Now first off that was kind of a morbid post in my opinion, but I went to see what we’d look like… Um… so the person’s stomach looked like a pigs belly. It was weird to say the least. And that has absolutely NOTHING to do with SCUBA Diving so maybe I’ll quit for now. Oh by the way… come like our Instagram account. Lots of love!

202 – 7.20.2016 – Like I always say, if there’s food… they will come . Breakfast options on the Cayman Brac Summer 2016 Extreme Sports Scuba Trip.

203 – 7.21.2016 – Who could ever leave this view… seriously!

204 – 7.22.2016 – The dive group headed out to Little Cayman on the Summer 2016 Cayman Brac trip.

205 – 7.23.2016 – I think the photo speaks for itself.

206 – 7.24.2016 – Came back from the Summer trip to a thank you card from the Boy Scouts Troop 9 that we certified.

207 – 7.25.2016 – Deb is excited she got her Hydros BC in (this is a women’s Medium).

208 – 7.26.2016 – Jordan Tasker got conned in to looking at/modeling the new Hydros BC (this is a Men’s Large).

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