Extreme 366 – Week 25

Can someone please tell me where the month of June went? I like blinked my eyes and it was June 1st, then I blinked again and it is the end of the month. I guess technically next week is the last week of June, but seriously… where has the month gone? Yesterday I was watching Paw Patrol again… My life revolves around watching Paw Patrol or Mickey Mouse Club House if I’m watching TV which really isn’t much these days, but anyway they were talking about SCUBA diving. Remember, Paw Patrol is a Nick Jr. TV program revolved around a team of dogs saving people. I have no idea what episode it was if you want to look it up so I guess you’re just out of luck there. Sorry! There has been a lot of buzz on Facebook this week about our Safari Hunt happening this weekend. Make sure you come participate or at least come down and join us because it’s a load of fun with lots of great prizes to be had! Now it is time for this weeks photos.

167 – 6.15.2016 – Camp night, camp night! Giving students an opportunity to try out this sport we all love!

168 – 6.16.2016 – The Animal Introductions have been made. Now it’s time to get to the Safari Hunt and find them!!!

169 – 6.17.2016 – With it as hot as it has been, hang out in the cool and stay well hydrated!

170 – 6.18.2016 – Go Chiefs! We’re Chiefs fans around here!!

171 – 6.19.2016 – Happy Father’s Day! Hope you’re enjoying the weather and spending time with the father in your life!

172 – 6.20.2016 – Who is ready to go Kayaking?

173 – 6.21.2016 – Repeat Offender! Let’s quit monkeying around and go Safari Hunting!

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