Extreme 366 – Week 26

Bienvenue én Louisiane. That means Welcome to Louisiana in French or is it Cajun? I don’t really know the answer. I just know that Louisiana is Cajun Country! Why am I telling you this? Well… I’m in Monroe, Louisiana today. That is a neighbor city to West Monroe which is where Duck Dynasty is from. Two towns, side by side, just separated by a body of water. So talking about cajug country, did you know that there was a Cajun chef named Justin Wilson? He used to have a tv show on like RFDTV or something like that. He had that sweet Cajun accent/drawl when he spoke and it would lull you but at the same time was difficult to totally understand. I remember watching one of his episodes talking about turtle and eating turtle was like eating 4 different species, Turkey, Fish, Pork, Veal. Now, that is how you do it, right? Anyone out there tried turtle? I have to say I have but I wasn’t trilled about it. I got guilt tripped by about 7 people all at once and I gave in to peer pressure. It was after that that I watched the Justin Wilson television episode where he made turtle soup. Anyway You probably didn’t come here to learn about turtles, but at the same time I feel it is my duty to at least give you something educational everytime you come… and that’s what I have for you. So now it is time to present Week 26, yes week 26’s photos.

174 – 6.22.2016 – Hanging out waiting for the Safari Hunt on Saturday.

175 – 6.23.2016 – It’s so hot, please stay Hydrated. This is your Public Service Announcement!!

176 – 6.24.2016 – If you don’t put our Public Service Announcement to work, you may be strapped to a rescue board like this….

177 – 6.25.2016 – King the Lion got wrapped up in a Christmas Tree… whoops!

178 – 6.26.2016 – It’s time to do another day of Check out Dives.

179 – 6.27.2016 – Have you heard we have new rental prices. Come rent your Kayak today!!

180 – 6.28.2016 – Look at this sweet deal!! If you need new equipment or are ready to purchase your first set, come talk to us!!

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