Extreme Safari Hunt 2016: Animal Introductions

Who is ready for this year’s Safari Hunt, Raise your Hand! Okay put your hand down, if you’re reading this around people, they probably think your nuts… You’re welcome. So this year we thought it would be fun to do animal introductions so you could see in advance who you’re looking for. They are now Facebook official, but they need to be Blog Official so we’re covering that today! Can’t wait for Saturday and Hope to see you there! Plus if you want to check out the 2013, 2014, and 2015 Safari Hunt, click on the dates for those recap posts!! Remember that the 2016 Safari Hunt is this Saturday, June 25, 2016, at Indian Creek Campground. Hope to see you there!

“Spot” the giraffe- Father of two; entrepreneur
“Fuzzy” the dog- “Hot Dog” model and aspiring actress
“Leo” the lion– Antisocial blogger and coffee bar poet
“Frenchie” the French bulldog– Recently located from France following his long lost lover Genevieve
“Stripes” the zebra– Bank teller; single father of 6
“Goldie” the bear– Retired school teacher; spends spare time with her 61 grandchildren & her husband

“Genevieve” the French bulldog- recently reunited with her lover “Frenchie” and they are expecting their first litter in the fall.
“Snoozer” the elephant– Spends his time sleeping and is trying to conquer poor eating habits
“King” the lion– fitness guru/ bodybuilder; married to his high school sweetheart
“Small fry” the dog– Used his insecurity of being the runt of the litter to speak to children in different schools about anti-bullying.
“Ellie” the elephant– Happily married to a professional football player; stay at home mom.
“Dean” the gorilla- “Repeat offender” and on the loose! Watch out!



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