Extreme 366 – Week 20

If you caught on last week, I must have been on coastal time. What is coastal time? Well you lose track of time. But this week, I’m back on Missouri time, so we’re all good, I think. I would like to still be on coastal time but….. The real world beckons sometimes. This week’s photos were hard to narrow down when there were 2,168 photos taken between 10 people and that doesn’t count any pictures any of the 10 of us took on our phones. By the way my travel companions, if you got good phone pictures, I want a copy too please . I joked the whole week I was going to steal their photos and take credit for them…. but don’t worry, I’m not like that. I just had fun joking! So with the knowledge that there are over 2,000 photos that were sorted through for this week’s 7 photos, why don’t I just get to sharing the shenanigans we got in to, which includes but not limited to: drift diving, getting caught in currents, stopping to pee and getting a group wondering what you’re looking at, boat diving, shore diving, night diving, lots of great food, lots of good company, swimming pools, almost walking off into a hole trying to beat self timers, and much much more!

132 – 5.11.2016 – Momma said there will be days like this, there will be days like this my momma said. Momma said momma said. On more than one occasion we had a reel/spool unravel. Don’t worry though, we all had each other’s backs and got it all fixed back up!

133 – 5.12.2016 – While we were out on the wreck dive, we actually saw the submarine. Dan said in the 14 years he’s been traveling to Cozumel, he’s never seen it underwater. Deb and Grady were able to get their picture taken with the submarine in the background before it left and we all came up. Very awesome!

134 – 5.13.2016 – It’s a Croc sighting! So on Friday afternoon we rented Jeeps and toured the island. Out by the South lighthouse there is a crocodile area but these were the only crocs we saw.

135 – 5.14.2016 – During one of our surface interval times, a few of us jumped off the boat and were looking underwater for starfish. Instead, we saw this badboy. He was just a little guy. I did learn this is one of the times a snorkel would have been nice to have.

136 – 5.15.2016 – Sunday morning we got in 2 more dives before calling it quits. Remember there is a certain time you can’t dive before flying and we left out Monday afternoon for home . Here is Clemente bringing Karen & Jared up.

137 – 5.16.2016 – The Grad-ge-8-shen trip. Nicole Willoughby, Karen Weston, Jared Weston, Dan La Due, Carlene La Due, Grady Weston, Rachele Lord, Doug Lord, Mark Willoughby, & Deb Weston.

138 – 5.17.2016 – Toss back Tuesday. Karen made friends with a barracuda and it dove with her the entire trip. Mark also made friends with one and it tried to kiss him in the mask.

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