Extreme 366 – Week 21

Welcome to this beautiful rainy Wednesday Morning in May. I’ve been listening to the radio and people have been complaining about the rain and needing to see the sun, but remember what we discussed last year…. Rain = Diving Water!! And what’s really funny is this week leading up to Memorial weekend including Memorial Weekend last year was rainy and wetThat didn’t stop us though! The weather forecast shows chances of rain all through next week. Hey, as they say history repeats itself. And while I was born in the middle of summer and am okay with the heat, I like a good rainy day. The sound of the rain hitting the roof, nothing better, except maybe fresh cut lawn. But that’s just my opinion, although I would like to bottle some of those smells up for the dead of winter when we’re all dreaming of Spring and Summer. So I made mention of Memorial Day and I like to inform you of holidays so if you can’t tell, this weekend is the Memorial Weekend which is the kick off to summer. Bring on the SCUBA diving! And that also means that we’ll be camping at the lake having fun with friends and family all while enjoying a sport we all deeply are passionate about, SCUBA diving. Who is ready?!?! If you’re joining us for the lake this weekend, see you there. If not, you should! Happy Wednesday!

139 – 5.18.2016 – Pete is sporting a SCUBA diving flag collar. He is afterall the Diver Dog Pete

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