Extreme 366 – Week 18

May the Fourth Be With You. (Name the movie reference!!). Hello and Happy May to you. Can you believe it is already May. Wow, where is the year going? I am in my last week of graduate school. No pressure or anything! I graduate Saturday. I can’t believe that. And while we’re talking days, Please remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day!! Today though, today is donut day. That’s what we call Wednesday’s anyway. Donut day . I hope you came and visited us last Friday and Saturday at the annual sale. We had a ball! or a blast! Do you Instagram? Did you know that we have an Instagram account? We have had for a year, we just haven’t pushed it real hard. But if you Instagram, follow us, please! Find us at @extremesportsscubaofficial. Oh and while you’re at it… our Facebook account is only 4 away from 900 likes. Help us please! Now… back to regularly scheduled programming… The real reason you came here on a Wednesday… to see photos from the past week! Enjoy and May the Fourth Be With You .

118 – 4.27.2016 – Hey, has your gear been in yet to see the SCUBAPRO Tech?

119 – 4.28.2016 – Getting ready for the annual sale.

120 – 4.29.2016 – Sale day, sale day! Hopefully you came in and saw us! We had some GREAT deals! Oh and the blogger may have been stressed out so she turned a picture into a watercolor and a pencil drawing….

121 – 4.30.2016 – this was one of the many great deals we had during the Annual Tent Sale. Hopefully you got in on this because these lights are awesome and will never be this cheap again….

122 – 5.1.2016 – Someone might have thought it was fun to get a snooze in…. not naming any names… ahem Grady Weston

123 – 5.2.2016 – SCUBA classes are in full swing, whether you need your open water certification or you would like additional specialty classes!! Call us to find out what will suit you best!

124 – 5.3.2016 – Have you seen these new shirts? How pretty is that color. It looks even better in person, NO LIE! 

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