Extreme 366 – Week 17

One night over the weekend I was watching reruns of Full House and they mentioned Scuba Diving. Danny was trying to keep his mind off his love interest Vickie so he decided to take up Scuba diving. I tried to catch the brand of gear he was wearing, but I couldn’t make it out. Remember, that show aired in the late 80’s and early 90’s so gear has changed since then… especially in design. Our trusty SCUBAPRO gear is easy to recognize now in the year 2016 but it might not have been so obvious in the early 90’s. And just FYI, don’t google Danny Tanner and Scuba diving. Nothing bad comes up… but you get things that are not related. I didn’t find any pictures of him in the Scuba gear though so not sure what brand it was. If you know, please let me know. Then I was watching the beloved Paw Patrol again and they said there were such things as merpuppies. Hmmm, if anyone sees one of those, please let me know… Maybe I watch to much tv. Anyway as reminders, the Annual Warehouse sale is this week! Wow, how did it get here so fast? Please check Facebook and look at all the spectacular deals that are going on… oh and there may or may not be some that have been posed… that means you have to come see us! We plan on seeing you!! Lots of love! Now it’s time for this weeks photo reveal!

111 – 4.20.2016 – Remember, diving season is coming… have you had your gear serviced? Don’t miss the service!!

112 – 4.21.2016 – The “guard” dog .

113 – 4.22.2016 – Used Bella BC with Air 2, $300. Come see us next Friday and Saturday at the Annual Warehouse sale for this great buy and more!

114 – 4.23.2016 – Used SCUBAPRO MK 25 S600 Regular, $300 each. Come check out this great buy and more Friday and Saturday, April 29 & 30 at the Annual Warehouse Sale. See you there!!

115 – 4.24.2016 – Sunday’s are made for relaxing! Here’s to a great start to your work week!

116 – 4.25.2016 – Used Ladyhawk BC with Air 2, $300. Come see us Friday and Saturday for this great deal and more at the Annual Warehouse Sale!!

117 – 4.26.2016 – Used consoles for $49 this Friday and Saturday at the Annual Warehouse Sale. See you there!!

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