Extreme 366 – Week 16

This is a friendly reminder, make sure you have your gear up to date and serviced for this diving season. If you’re like Dan La Due, you dive year round, but if you are like the rest of us, you’re a fair weather diver. Memorial Day kicks off diving season. That is just a little over a month away…. YIKES! Just make sure you don’t forget to have your gear serviced so that you’re ready and rarin’ to go. There aren’t any upcoming holidays I can inform you of…. Thanks to my friend Google, he proved me wrong… Friday is Earth Day. And one last note, there were extra posts last week. One was a recipe that had been requested and one was on Mask Defog… make sure you check those out if you missed them!

104 – 4.13.2016 – It’s beginning to look a lot like diving season! Make sure you’re stocked up on mask defogger. Don’t be caught with foggy vision!

105 – 4.14.2016 – Throw back Thursday! Picture via the bucket truck last summer. This is just a reminder that classes are in full swing and diving season is quickly approaching. Get ready!!

106 – 4.15.2016 – Friday night camp fires.

107 – 4.16.2016 – Divers wear many hats. Some of our divers are involved with the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard and today was the Trails for Kids, a fundraiser event for the tri-county CP Center. Pictured: Grady Weston, Instructor and Mark Willoughby, SCUBAPro Tech Not pictured: A lot! We have a lot of divers associated with the MGMG.

108 – 4.17.2016 – I tell ya, divers wear many hats. By the way, I’m ready for football season, GO CHIEFS!

109 – 4.18.2016 – With this crazy weather, heat on in the morning and air conditioner in the afternoon. Coat in the morning and not in the afternoon. whew, it’s hard to keep up.

110 – 4.19.2016 – So which of these is not like the other?

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