1st Stage Turrets Scuba Why

1st Stage Turrets – Why?

Jumping back in history Looking back in time at Scubapro’s 59 years in the scuba industry, there have been many innovative breakthroughs. In 1963 Scubapro released the MK2 first stage regulator; at this time, their main focus was to create a regulator with simple mechanics that was reliable. Well, the MK2 worked and it is …

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Scubapro Caravan Bag Blog

Meet the Scubapro Caravan Bag

before the caravan Through out the years I have traveled a ton! During this time I have used a lot of different luggage for carrying my dive equipment. Several years ago before weight restrictions for airlines, Grady and I would fit two complete sets of equipment inside a Pelican hard case. These cases were nice …

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5 Reasons why you Should buy your own Gear

introduction When we take on a sport like SCUBA diving, we soon may find it is not a ‘cheap’ hobby. While this may be true, it does not have to necessarily be an expensive hobby either. For some people, renting gear can be a better choice for what they’re wanting to do in diving – …

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Dear Santa

Dear Santa, This year has been an interesting year, to say the least. I’ve tried my best to be good this year. I’ve made it most places with all my clothes, no dead animals, and very few full moons. I was helpful, responsible, and hard-working. I think that deserves a little fun as a reward. …

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SCUBAPRO Galileo HUD Dive Computer

While our cellular phones are getting bigger and bigger, Dive computers are getting smaller and smaller. And the latest innovation by SCUBAPRO is a smaller dive computer. This new dive computer is a SCUBAPRO Galileo HUD (Heads Up Display) Hands-free dive computer. This newly designed dive computer is to allow you to be fully immersed …

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