Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

This year has been an interesting year, to say the least. I’ve tried my best to be good this year. I’ve made it most places with all my clothes, no dead animals, and very few full moons. I was helpful, responsible, and hard-working. I think that deserves a little fun as a reward.

So, on my Christmas list this year, I would like:

  • A new 1.5 mil 2-piece wet suit. I’m not picky on the color. The Caribbean or Black is just fine. I want the long pants over the shorts and probably a long-sleeved top over the short sleeve top.
  • I’ve heard lots of great things about the Hydros Pro BC. They are lightweight and comfortable. Easy to dry and pack for vacations. I would like the color change pockets too. Black is fine, but colors look super cool; black, blue, orange, yellow, white, pink, purple, turquoise, or olive green, I seriously am not picky!
  • I would like a new dive computer. My choices are between a SCUBAPRO G2 and the new SCUBAPRO HUD. A little birdy told me that you get a free transmitter with the purchase of one of these computers until February 2020. The G2 is a full-color screen, air integrated, wrist dive computer with a rechargeable battery, lots of memory storage, a compass, and Bluetooth downloadable.

    The HUD is a mask mounted dive computer. A “floating” display moves so you don’t lose eye contact with your surroundings. It has a flip-up hinge and intuitive single-knob user control. This allows easy access and quick finds for dive control functions. It has hoseless air integration as well as being lightweight and compatible with several existing SCUBAPRO masks. Dives can be easily downloaded via Bluetooth or cord and it comes with a rechargeable battery.

    As I said, I’m not super picky, but don’t forget the transmitter, please!
  • I like to talk. That is just a given, so please send a full-face mask with com, this way I can communicate while underwater.
  • I really like to wreck dive, night dive, and Devil’s Throat in Cozumel is a lot of fun. For that reason, I’d really like a new flashlight. I want the Nova 850R as it is small, compact, and lightweight, but delivers a punch in the light. 850-lumen illumination to be exact.
  • Finally, now that I have all this new dive gear, how about a trip to somewhere warm and exotic. Cozumel tends to be a favorite. And let’s make sure that the leave dates are right before cold weather so I can send pictures back of my experience to friends and family.

Truthfully Santa, I really just enjoy being outside. I would totally be down for:

  • A paddleboard. They are so much fun. They give an opportunity to be out on the water. I will have great fun and adventures.
  • Or better yet, how about a Lure 10 Kayak. Like I mentioned, I love being on the water. Kayaks can be used in the winter too, especially if you stay out of the water. It is a great way to catch up on nature.

I hope you and the reindeer have a safe flight. I can’t wait to leave milk and cookies out for you on Christmas Eve. Safe flights!



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