Try it Tuesday – January 2020

Do the winter blues have you feeling blah? Are you ready for some sun, sand, water, and fun? Well… Have you ever tried SCUBA Diving? I can’t promise the sun and the sand, but we can help you with the water and fun! How? Oh gosh, I’m so glad you asked, it makes my job easier!

SCUBA Diving

Don’t worry, you don’t have to remind me that it is January in Missouri. Although with this crazy weather where we wear t-shirts one day and parkas the next… Anyway… So how do you try SCUBA Diving while it’s January in the Midwest? It’s called a Try SCUBA in a heated indoor pool.

Microphone Drop.

I’m out.

No, but seriously, NOW is the perfect time to try SCUBA Diving. Did you hear that?


What does a Try it Session entail?

Good question. It entails you getting in the water in January :). haha.

So, we have certified instructors and divemasters in the pool with you. Plus, people “on land” should they be needed. The pool is 6 feet at max depth. With fins (flippers but don’t be surprised if someone starts singing the theme song to Flipper…) on, pretty much everyone can stand above water should you need to come up. And most of the pool is shallower than that.

You get a brief lesson on:

  • The breathy thingy (regulator)
  • How the BC (that thing around your chest) works
  • The mask (like goggles but cover your nose)
  • How to clear water out of the mask should you need to
  • How to clear your ears should you need to
  • And off you go.

Then you get the bragging rights to all your friends you got to SCUBA Dive or at best you were in a pool in January.

Reasons to try SCUBA Diving

Other than the obvious, January and pool. haha.

No, reasons to try SCUBA Diving…

  • It gets you familiar with the equipment you’ll use while SCUBA Diving
  • It helps you get comfortable in the water with the equipment
  • It’s a lot of fun. It really is!

Roughly 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. Those bodies of water include oceans, rivers, creeks, ponds, etc. So, if you become a certified SCUBA Diver, you open yourself up for more fun adventures!

Getting Certified

While it might seem intimidating to try something new, our instructors are top-notch. They have been diving for years and have many dives under their belt before even becoming an instructor. Our number 1 goal is safety and that includes making you feel comfortable in the water. We want to share with you one of our favorite things to do.

And I promise we don’t bite.

We have 7 take the plunge last night. Who is ready to try it next?


*Thank you Richard Crouch for providing the pictures.

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