New Year’s Day Dive 2019

Since we’re focusing on “travel” this month… and we have a huge group that is either a) in Cozumel or b) on their way to Cozumel to dive in WARM waters… let’s talk about the group that braved the cold waters of New Year’s Day.

What? New Year’s Day? Well, it has been brought to my attention that we didn’t do a recap on New Year’s Day. Such a shame since the waters were a warm 40 something degrees. Yes, you heard that correctly, or in this case, read it correctly… 40 something degrees. I heard 43, I heard 44. At that point does the degree difference matter?

New Year’s Day Dive

This year’s New Year’s Day Dive had 5 brave divers!! The surface air temperature was 37˚F. Now, that was warmer than last year by far, but down by the water, that is still chilly!

Now, we did have a few more who stayed fully clothed and joined us for fun, laughs, and of course food on land.

Deb and Grady brought their Camper down with them, so we had a nice warm place for not only the divers to change clothes, but for the rest of us who were cold to stay warm. That’s important!!

So from here on out… I’ll let the pictures do the talking… well with a few words interjected here and there of course.

I guess no words were necessary :). They say a picture is worth a thousand words! And that my friends is the 2019 Extreme Sports SCUBA New Year’s Day Dive.

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