Diving Abroad: The final preparations

Finally, it’s time to board that airplane and head off for your dive destination. You have all your paperwork, you have your dive bag packed, and your luggage for when you are out of the water. So, have you considered everything? Maybe, or maybe not. Let’s see.

Things to consider before taking off on your travel adventure

Cell Phones. Are you planning on using your cell phone out of the country? Make sure you contact your provider and see what it will take to make your phone work in other countries.

Bills. Unfortunately, we all have bills. They say that is part of adulting. Make sure you check that all of your bills have been paid so that you can have a clear mind while on vacation.

Credit Cards/Debit Cards. Contact your money institutions and let them know you will be traveling abroad. This will help to ensure that they don’t cut your funds off thinking your cards have been stolen. Another helpful tip is to make a copy of the front and back of the cards. Keep them in a safe in your room that way if your cards do get stolen or cut off, you have card numbers and phone numbers to take care of business.

Passport. Wait, we already said we had all of our paperwork to leave. Well, a handy tip is to have a copy of your passport as well as hidden away with those other numbers. That way should your passport get stolen, you have a copy to prove you had one should you have to go to the American Consulate to try and get reissued.

C-Card. This too was already checked off. Well, should you think you have it and whoops you wound up without it, SDI has a really cool program where you can sign up online. When you do this, you have the option to download a digital copy. Bam, dive trip saved!

Pets. I know this should be a no brainer, but make sure you have your pets taken care of, whether someone is coming to watch them, or you had to drop them off. Just be sure those pets are taken care of.


Learn from the McAlisters (Home Alone) … Count that all your people are with you and you all board the correct plane. Sorry, we had to have a funny in there, right?

What else am I forgetting? Have fun!! I can tell you it is awesome to dive into the ocean. Make it a memorable experience! You’ll have a blast!

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