Junior Diver Interviews – Emma La Due

We’re back today with another Junior Diver Interview!! Today’s junior diver is Emma La Due, daughter of Jason La Due & Amy (La Due) Harper and granddaughter of Dan & Carlene La Due. One thing about it, we like to keep it in the family around these parts!

When/how long have you been certified?

2 years

What generation of diver are you?

third generation

Where is your favorite place to dive?

Mermet Springs

What is your favorite thing about diving?

Being able to see all the fish.

What’s your favorite pre-dive meal?  (btw I love this question and the next because it gets funny looks from the junior divers)

Ham and cheese sandwich is good if I eat before I dive.

What’s your favorite post-dive meal?

Cheetos or other Chips.

Who is your favorite dive partner?

Mom (Amy (La Due) Harper) and Aerielle Cupp

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Judo and Cheerleading.

And one last question, Any funny diving stories?

We were feeding fish at Mermet Springs on the 15’ platform. I dozed off and my regulator fell out and bubbles went everywhere.

And just so you all know, today is Emma’s 12th Birthday! If you happen to see her, make sure you tell her Happy Birthday!!

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