Extreme Sports Scuba headed to Cozumel – February/March 2014

Have you ever been on any fun diving trips? How about a nice diving trip in Cozumel while the rest of your friends and family were at home suffering through the frigid temperatures that happened in the latter part of February 2014/first part of March? Well if you can’t tell, recently Extreme Sports Scuba had an amazing trip to Cozumel. Some of the participants were there the first week, some got to attend the second week, but there were the lucky few who were able to attend the full two-week trip.

The first week of the dive trip was February 22 through March 1, 2014

The first-week dive participants included: (top row) Danny Overdear, Scott Craigan, Grady Weston, Mike Goldsworthy, Scott Peters, Dennis Hoffman, Ric Ogle, Mike Knight, John Patrick, Steve Todd. (bottom row) Joe Jacquinet, Brian Head, Deb Weston, Jan Goldsworthy, Tom Tanner, Shirley Todd, Christie Ogle, Donna Knight, Nelda Patrick, Shirley Mann, and Ed Brewer

So the start of this trip, they weren’t sure that it was even going to happen. The group checked in at the airport in Joplin and the airplane was broken. So 15 of 21 made a mad dash to the Tulsa airport to hop a plane and hopefully make it to Cozumel (don’t worry the rest had already made it). Thank you to the wonderful ticket agent for getting us all checked in and away on our flight.

For highlights of the first week, you definitely need to check out these following photos:

The second week of the dive trip was March 1 through March 8, 2014

The second-week dive participants included: (top row) Joe Jacquinet, Ace Taylor, Brian Taylor, Grady Weston, Glenn Crosswhite, Levi Henry, Katie Henry, Joe Henry, Mike Goldsworthy, Bill Luke, Ric Ogle, Scott Peters. (bottom row) Ed Brewer, Shirley Mann, Wren Taylor, Deb Weston, Jennifer Crosswhite, Ronnie Crosswhite, Barbara McMurry, Cheryl Henry, Jan Goldsworthy, Christie Ogle

When the second-week group arrived we were headed downtown for the first night of parades for Carnaval.

Another highlight from the second week was the spotting of a hammerhead shark on Palancar Horseshoe, however, with 14 divers, 2 dive masters, 1 professional videographer, 9 cameras, 1 Hammerhead Shark, no pictures.

The next day dolphins were spotted underwater. There were pictures of this, but we don’t have access to those sadly.

For the rest of the highlights, check out these photos.

Cozumel is always a great dive trip, great visibility, and there is always an abundance of marine life.

And the thing to remember from this trip…

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