Junior Diver Interview – Calder La Due

I hope you’re enjoying this 31 in 31 gig we have going on this month here on the blog. Our goal is to hit a lot of different topics quickly. It is partially there to break up the monotonous of January.

Today I have a fun topic for you. So, Diver Dan makes a lot of headlines around this blog… but here’s the thing… today I have a treat for you. We’re going to meet Diver Dan’s grandson Calder. Oh wait, that’s right, you guys know Calder. He’s been around this group since before he was born, or something like that. The thing is, he’s finally SCUBA certified.

A year ago October he turned 10 and last New Year’s Day he finished up his SCUBA certification. Yes, you read that right… he did the New Year’s Day dive. The dive that some of us (hint hint: me) are too chicken to do. He took the plunge and got SCUBA certified on New Year’s Day. So, now it is time to make him Blog official and have a Junior Diver Interview.

Junior Diver Calder La Due

Junior Diver Calder La Due

How long have you been certified?  

One year as of January 1st, 2018

What generation of diver are you? 


Where is your dream dive destination?  


What is your favorite thing about diving?  

Not dying

What’s your favorite pre-dive meal? 

I can’t have them now but memaw’s cookies

What’s your favorite post-dive meal?  

Fat Edd’s

Calder and Jason diving at Mermet Springs

Who is your favorite dive partner? 

Dad & grandpa

What are your other hobbies besides diving?  

Football, wrestling, and no longer basketball 

And one last question, Any funny diving stories?

At Mermet I lost dad and almost had a heart attack because I turned around and a fish was in my face

Calder feeding hot dogs to fish at Mermet Springs

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