Junior Diver Interview – Braden Atnip

For a little bit of a mix-up on this Wednesday, how about a junior diver interview? We haven’t had a junior diver interview since last December. WHAT!?!? We need to get caught up on the junior divers who have joined our fun sport this summer!! Okay, there is a bit of a back story to Braden Atnip’s story. His mom sent Deb pictures of him “scuba diving” when he was just a young lad. Wow young lad, does that sound old school? Blame it on the English major being back in school, taking a class called British Comic Novel. haha. Anyway with that digression, I’ll introduce you to Braden Atnip, following his interview we’ll post the pictures of him as a young boy “scuba diving” everywhere!

Why did you want to become certified?

For work. When I graduate college I’m going into Marine Biology.

What generation diver are you?


What is your favorite diving experience so far?

Second day of certification… I dove in the rain.

What are your other hobbies besides diving?

Read a lot, video games, I like the outdoors.

Where would you most like to try diving?

Dry suit and go to Alaska.

And that my friends is how we keep this sport alive and thriving! Great Kids to continue on our tradition (as well as Great adults)!!

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