How Often Should I Dive?

I am now an open-water certified SCUBA diver, how often should I dive?

The answer: the more the merrier. Diving is like a lot of other sports –  The more you practice, the better you become at diving. The better you become at diving, the more your comfort level increases. The more comfortable you become, the better diver you become. Plus, you want to keep up with the skills you learned in class.

One of the most important skills a diver has is being a good dive buddy to your dive partner. Unless you are a solo certified diver, you need a dive buddy. This is a safety issue as you may be required to assist your buddy in times of need (i.e. air sharing, emergency accident, or entanglement, etc).

The more you dive and the more your comfort level increases, the better all-around diver you will be.

So how can you practice more?

We welcome divers in the pool any time we have a pool class. Diver’s are also more than welcome at all open-water events to practice skills and get a dive in.

The solo class that SDI has requires 100 dives as well as some advanced classes. They want your comfort level to be above just an open water diver.

One of the best ways to get good dives in and work on comfort level is to take one of our week-long dive trips. On those trips, the amount of diving is up to you, but you can easily do 15-20 dives while learning from other divers and practicing your skills. This ranges from boat skills to navigation to buoyancy, and so much more.

Doing those week-long trips also allow you to get in some other classes to meet advanced classes such as wreck diving, boat diving, deep diving, etc.

The number one goal out of any of this is to make you a more confident diver. The more confident you are, the better all-around diver you will be. The open-water classes give you the knowledge you need to dive safely and practice makes perfect.

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