Girl Scouts Try it Tuesday

If you noticed in the past, we did a Try Scuba for the Boy Scouts… but what about the Girl Scouts? Well never fear! This summer we did just that. They contacted Deb and got the details worked out and we headed to Camp Mintahama. Last Tuesday, Deb, the Blogger in Training, and I loaded up and went and did a Try Scuba session for the Girl Scouts. We had 10 brave girls. I only say Brave because I hear that water was cold; I stayed out of it. My job was Beach *****. haha. Get the weights, help set up gear, tear down gear, get them in and out of the water, etc. I was okay with that because I’m not a fan of the cold water!

Camp Mintahama

Have you ever heard of this place? I only know it as the Girl Scouts camp so if I’m wrong, please by all means correct me! This is a 180 acre plot of land located in Newton County just outside of Joplin. They boast a 12-acre lond with Goose Island in the center, two floating docks for canoeing and paddle boating. They have camping units but are also set up for tent camping plus have a dining hall that can seat 150 students with a full commercial kitchen and bathroom. And… and… they have hot showers (right up my alley! haha) and flushing toilets in their pool house.

I’ve never been here before, just heard of this place, so thought I’d share some things I learned along the way… plus you know me, I have pictures to boot. You’re welcome.

Hopefully the girls had a blast! Oh… and as in tradition, after we left there, we had to get ice cream! In case you’re wondering, this is a new Sonic Frozen Custard with Heath Bar Crunch.

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